Client portals for accountants may be the next feature of VDR providers

Working with clients often turns into a routine for a company. The development of a logistics client portal will help at least partially solve this problem. So, how can Data Room portals simplify accounting?

Virtual Data Room – a new era of collaboration between accountants and their clients

Experts note that in the near future the needs of the digital market will radically change, in particular, the profession of accountant and auditor. Advances in information technology and its impact on accounting forcing the accountant to use new tools related to information systems and technologies to provide cooperation with clients.

The main factors of influence include the transition to paperless paperwork, the abandonment of the physical office; reduction, the transformation of accounting, and the increase of electronic accounting for tax purposes. Virtual technologies have a significant impact. Due to the growing volume and complexity of the data, systems of semantic analysis and artificial intelligence are required. Because through the use of artificial intelligence, work steps can be automated and accounting becomes easier and more successful.

A good example of such an automated system is Virtual Data Room software. The software provides useful services for online cooperation, like data exchange and a secure workspace. It also ensures the adaptation of products to the personal needs of specific consumers.

With the use of Virtual Data Rooms the importance of choosing the best data room, the accountant will gradually become a financial specialist capable of analyzing and interpreting data, thereby improving the quality of financial information reflected in the financial statements of companies. Besides, accounting firms receive and handle significant amounts of confidential client information, often containing sensitive data, that is why Data Room is also necessary.

Client portal in the Data Room perspectives

A customer portal is a tool that provides easy and convenient interaction between customers and a company. Portal capabilities can be very diverse: for some, it is just a page with information about the company and FAQ, and for someone on the portal there is a personal user account with important functions. The portal allows you to differentiate the functionality for potential and existing customers, giving access only to the necessary information.

Client portals can be a part of Data Room software according to the following features:

  • Data security

The cloud infrastructure in which your base will be located has a high degree of fault tolerance. A high level of reliability is achieved by placing physical servers in foreign data centers, which have multi-level protection and are practically unattainable for any kind of machine viruses. The cloud server provides the ability to regularly back up data, and restore information if necessary. Any mistake of your employees can be corrected by returning the original data for a certain period.

  • Saving

The service of renting a server in the cloud ensures the user with the ability to deposit a fixed amount per month while receiving a ready-made “turnkey service”. Cloud solutions for business – saving money on equipment, implementation, server, licenses, technical support, updates, etc. The ready-made information base can be transferred to the online mode in a matter of minutes, so the process of working in the program will not be interrupted and you can start using cloud technologies almost without a time gap. This means that financially, you will only benefit.

  • Scalability

Your job does not depend on having a work computer but on access to the Internet. You can work in the Data Room online from anywhere in the world where there is a worldwide network. Now you can run your business online from any computer.